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Prema 80V-High Voltage Operational Amplifier PR2201 / PR2202 09-06-10
The high voltage operational amplifier PR2201 works for supply voltages of up to 80V single supply or up to ±40V and a maximum output current of ±6mA.
The common mode input voltage covers nearly the complete supply voltage range with an excellent common mode and power supply rejection ratio of typical more than 110dB. The output voltage can approximate the positive or negative supply voltage close to 1V. Precision applications, for example in automatic test environments, can be covered with the PR2201 due to a very low typical input bias current of 5pA and an input offset voltage of typical ±2mV, which can be further reduced by external trimming (only PR2201).

The temperature increase of the component remains small in spite of the high voltages due to the low quiescent current of only 500µA. Also fast control circuits may be designed with this PR2201 due to the gain bandwidth product of up to 1MHz and a slew rate of more than 1V/µs.