IXYS Corporation
Founded in 1983 , IXYS Corporation develops technology-driven products to improve power conversion efficiency . A development pioneer of power semiconductors , integrated circuits and RF systems , IXYS' products monitor electrical voltage to produce maximum results with least energy expenditure.
Diotec Semiconductor AG
The today's Diotec Semiconductor AG is founded in 1973 in Heitersheim, Germany . From the beginning, the company specializes in the production of diodes and rectifiers and becomes a known brand throughout Europe.
The company expands within Europe and founds in 1989 another facility in Trbovje, Slovenia. In addition to Heitersheim, here is beside others the second chip production of Diotec.
The production facility Diotec Shanghai is founded in 2005. It has the main target to support the Chinese branches of exisiting Diotec customers.
In 2007, the new facility Diotec India starts production. It is located in Pune, near to Mumbai, the "Gateway of India".
Aavid Thermalloy
Aavid is the oldest and largest design engineering and manufacturing corporation focused on thermal management solutions in the world. For over 50 years they have consistently brought the most innovative new cooling solutions to market while also improving the efficiency and availability of conventional cooling technologies. In doing so, they have developed the widest array of cooling products and services in the industry.
Aavid provides thermal solutions across all industries and for any application on a global level. Decades of experience and expertise combined with an unwavering dedication to unique problem solving allows us to meet any requirements and resolve any thermal challenges.
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