Established in 1990, Revel Electronics Co. Ltd. is an authorized agent for many brands of professional-grade electronic components.

We offer a variety of products that can satisfy the needs of the industry. Our customers can choose from a selection of electronic components from different manufacturers that are compatible and are known to enhance each other’s performance, leading to substantial time- and cost-savings in design and purchasing.

In 2002 we launched Guangzhou Revel Electronics Co. Ltd. in response to ever rising enquiries from the mainland China. Our customers in China receive such services as door-to-door deliveries and assistance in ‘VAT invoicing’, which offers greater ease and flexibility in the collection of goods, vouchering, and all tax-related matters.

Over the years, customer satisfaction has been the guiding principle at our company. Not only do we strive to become a valued partner in our
customers’ acquisition of electronic components, we are constantly seeking ways to improve our post-sales and technical support services. Our objective has always been to grow and succeed alongside our customers