The Best thick-film chip Thermistor for Power module & Automotive application

Tateyama released a wide range of thick-film chip Thermistor with operation temperature up to 200°C. Compare to other current market solution of multilayer structure chip thermistor, Tateyama has over 20 years of experience with technology & know-how in supporting ultra-high reliability projects worldwide and their design is offering a higher mechanical strength and outstanding reliability due to thermistor film and glass-coated structure on alumina substrate.

This product is highly suitable for temperature sensing application requiring high operation temperature, superior thermal responsiveness together with high resistance to thermal shock, also its high mechanical strength ensuring a long working life cycle under vibration test.

Tateyama’s thermistor target application are: Temp. sensing inside High Power IGBT module ; Temp. sensing application for Automotive (AEC-Q200 compliant & IATF16949 certified) ; Any other temp. sensing application required a high thermal & mechanical reliability.

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