Diotec released low Vf Bridge Rectifier achievig eco-design for EU Directive 2023/826

The latest eco-design requirement of EU Directive 2023/826 stipulates that the standby consumption of electronic devices - e.g. entertainment devices - may only be 0.5 watts. In order to achieve this target, the power losses in each semiconductor component must be carefully checked, starting with the input bridge, which is connected to the mains and is always in operation.
Diotec Semiconductor meets this requirement with its latest series of "Low Vf" or "-LV" rectifier bridges, such as the GBI25J-LV. Compared to the standard GBI25J version, this component offers a reduction in forward voltage Vf of 12% per single diode. The Vf parameter is proportional to the power dissipation as a first approximation, and since there are always two diodes per bridge, the total saving is 24% compared to the standard version. This is impressive and could be the decisive step towards achieving the eco-design requirement of only 0.5 W standby power.

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