Itelcond was founded in 1976.  Development and manufactuing of Aluminium Electrolytic Capacitors with 100% manufacturing in Milan Italy.  The production lines have been continuously devoted to the manufacture of large can units, with screw terminals for fitting in many different electronic equipments, with brackets or with mounting stud.

During last years this type of capacitors (once called ‘computer grade units’) widened its usage in many fields as power supply: UPS, welding and magnetizing machines, equipments for railway applications

Accordingly Itelcond’s production of this type has been widened, and other series (for example snap-in types or DIN solder tag units) have been added to the existing ones : on these lines too Itelcond has choosen to manufacture units with higher working

voltage paying special attention to the range of high voltages (350 volts and up), high capacitance-volume ratio and high ripple current.