SPRINGBURO specialize in the design of custom power electronics, such as Switched Mode Power Supply technology or Motor Control, incorporating latest generation wide band gap devices (e.g. Sic, GaN).

For the last 25 years, they have worked with a variety of Power projects, including custom designs for downhole surveying & drilling, as well as various other industrial power projects requiring high reliability and often exceptional environmental requirements of temperature and vibration. They work with customers at an early stage to identify suitable topologies and components, which are then prototyped and tested using a full range of in-house test equipment.

In addition to this consultancy, Springburo has developed numerous patented technologies for use in the field of Transistor testing and evaluation, such as the "Voltage Clipper" which measures directly at high resolution the real Transistor conduction voltage. This permits the monitoring of power transistor ON-resistances under operating voltages of up to 1500V, as well as the thermal performance during real operating conditions.